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Friday, 18 April 2014

Trio Of Loreal Cosmetics - Mini Haul

Honestly i have literally not touched a Loreal foundation for two years almost now because unfortunately i had a bit of a reaction with two of there foundations which left me a bit unsure about trying a new one. I am not saying the products were badly made or faulty in anyway as in the same year i had a reaction to another companies foundation so who knows maybe my face was just having a hateful year towards foundations in general but due to the whole experience it really put me off using a new one from Loreal. Which made it difficult to find a good foundation in the last two years and i have tried them all seriously. But this time i decided to bite the bullet and give Loreal a go once more with there foundation.

At the moment there running a 3 for 2 on all there products which is brilliant value and the selection is really good also, in the shop i went in they did not really have much to choose from in face powders, bronzers or blushes i think they had one bronze, 2 face powder/highlighters and 2 blushes both the same shade so bit unsure on that. Luckily they had the one i wanted which was a happy moment for me.

L'oreal Infallible Foundation 125 Natural Rose

24H Just Applied Finish & Flawless Complexion

No Transfer
No Visible Imperfections
No Visible Shine
No Dry-Out
No Mask Effect

I applied a tiny amount of product for this swatch and amazingly it covered quite a bit of skin which is a nice change. The tone does look a bit dark for my skin but this is because it is done on my inner wrist where you skin is much lighter so ignore that. At first i was a bit unsure about this foundation as the previous one id tried and had a reaction with was a 24 hour based one so i did wonder if it was a revamped make of that.

But i have used it a couple of times now and each time i have had nothing but a enjoyable time with it and with zero reactions which is even better.

Marks Out Of Five

Size Of Product 
Packaging & Dispenser  

I am really liking this foundation and feel it is pretty accurate to the description which makes a change and this is why i gave it full marks on product. The product does not transfer, i wore white and thought at least through the day some would transfer considering the warm weather we had been having and there was zero transfer. There is no shine, dry out or mask effect when using this product. In the past i have used foundations and found the shine was worse than if i had nothing on and it really was off putting, others would feel like they had been caked on and i would feel like i was wearing a face mask rather than a apparent "breathable foundation" but with this i really felt like i had minimal product on my face and it did not feel constricting which was brilliant.  Normally there would be imperfections in the foundation mostly around my mouth or nose and with this there was none, it really is a even coverage and really improves your complexion even with the smallest amount of product being used, hence the full marks for coverage.

As for affordability it is pretty reasonable at £9.99 for a foundation and that is generally the cheapest amount i pay but for some they may find it a bit pricey for a drug store foundation. But when you class that with the current 3 for 2 offer it is a steal if you need more than one item. 

Size of product is really good and seeing as you do not need to use a lot of product on each usage for perfect coverage, you will find yourselves using this foundation for a while which makes a nice change.

Packaging is pretty normal really but i did like the different coloured lid for some odd reason that was one of the things which drew my attention to the product. Dispenser is the classic type which i have always liked and does not release too much product at each time and there is minimal fall out or loss of product also which again is brilliant.


Overall i am really happy with this foundation, it covered me perfect, felt like i had barely any product on my face and my skin seemed to glow more with this product, i looked wide awake and ready to take on the world which is something some of my other foundations never did.

L'Oreal Lumimagique Pearl Powder Rose Boudoir

There was very little reason me trying to swatch this sadly as it barely showed up which is a good thing i suppose. If it came up quite dark i would be a little worried about getting this product. I had seen this for a while and always wanted to try it as the shimmer is really pretty and it seemed to fit my skin tone flawlessly but i had two other powders at the time and i honestly did not want to spend on something i probably would barely use at the time.

Marks Out Of Five

Size Of Product 

Product wise i am really pleased, it highlights my skin and gives me a perfect base for my foundation to go on whilst still works really well without being flaky as a setting powder. I find the shimmer shows more when i use it to set my foundation but my skin looks brighter when used under the foundation. Under my eyes is brighter and on my T zones which is brilliant considering how tired i have been recently.

Affordability honestly i am in the middle with this product part of me is thinking it is too high for just a powder and another side is thinking but it highlights and also adds a nice glow/shimmer to your skin so it does have a triple usage so i suppose £8.99 is not really a bad price for it.

Size of product is pretty standard for a powder plus like with the foundation you will find yourselves not using much product which is a bonus.

Packaging sadly is my only let down for this powder as what you see in the photo is what you get and the case is bland and boring, i think i am too use to high end brands now and other drug store brands which like loads of colour. Whilst the outer case is disappointing the inner is really pretty, i love the little bumps around the powder, for some reason i have a thing for powders, blushes and bronzers if there indented.

Full marks of course for coverage because it really does what it is meant to without looking flaky or bulky on the face, there isn't much fall out when applying with a brush either which is a nice change.


I really enjoy this face powder and this summer it will be my go to for both day and night time usage.

L'Oreal Collection Privee Colour Riche Juliannes Nude

I fell in love with this shade and was a bit confused as it stated nude yet is a more peach/pink to me. It flows on really nice and lasts ages and is not too bright for my lips so whilst it honestly is not a nude it still is light enough to pass as a placid shade.

Marks Out Of Five

Size Of Product 

Product wise this lip stick is brilliant, smooth on your lips, lasts absolutely ages, no transfer and there is a good range of pretty shades so all in all this product is really good.

Affordability is the clincher of it getting a perfect score, sadly i think it is over priced at £8.19 considering it is just a lip stick and honestly the reason i think it is so much is because of the packaging which is to be honest not a good reason to rack up prices.

Size Of Product is really good, there is a lot in the lipstick and you do not use too much product when applying to your lips.

Packaging is really nice, i love the black and gold trim and also the click when it goes back into place, i am one of these odd people who really likes these small features they tend to add.

Coverage is pretty normal for a lipstick what made it different for me was how long it lasted and how i felt wearing it.

Over All

Over all i really liked this lip stick but i only got it due to it coming free with the other two products, honestly i do not think i would pay that much just for a lip stick not when there are other alternatives around a bit cheaper, it is one thing spending a tenner or more on a foundation or powder or anything but anything else like a lip stick, i think i would have to go into a splurge moment to buy anymore.

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

MAC Playland Collection Summer 2014

It seems each company is fighting to bring out numerous spring/summer collections and MAC is of course no different. There well known for there seasonal releases and this collection is really standing out for me with it's bold and bright colours. Some are a little over the top for me to be honest but who knows maybe they will be the shades you jump for.

This line for some reason is only listed on the international website and not the UK one so it may not being released over here or at least just not yet.

This collection seems to be focusing more on pinks, peach and reds more so with a few darker and bold shades thrown into the mix. Of course price will be kinda high but to be honest if you love a shade that much and know you will constantly use it then why not splurge a small bit on yourselves. I did with Dainty and i have seen three products i love from this range which i will be getting even if i have to fight my way over other females heads. Kidding :D but seriously some shades are gorgeous. Well onto the products.

Lip Pots

Young At Heart To Shop

Hi Jinks! To Shop
For Your Amusement To Shop

                                                                    Tinted Lip Glass

Left To Right 

Carousal To Shop
Bright Side To Shop
Live It Up To Shop
Lots Of Laughs To Shop
Pure Silliness To Shop

Lip Sticks

Left To Right

Play land To Shop
Happy-Go-Lucky To Shop
Head In The Clouds To Shop
Toying Around To Shop
Sweet Experience To Shop
Red Balloon To Shop

Chromagraphic Pencil

Left To Right

Process Magenta To Shop
Genuine Orange To Shop
Black Black To Shop
Hi-Def Cyan To Shop


Left To Right

Ever So Yellow To Shop
Hi-Def Cyan To Shop
Neo-Orange To Shop
Golden Olive To Shop

Overall Thoughts

Out of all the collections released so far this is one i am actually excited for. When i saw the shades the first time i was a bit unsure and the yellow actually made me not pay proper attention to the rest of the collection. I cannot get my head round where that colour would come in handy, with the eye shadow that is one thing but the lip gloss and lip stick... really? honestly i would look like a panto witch. 

I am in love with For Your Amusement To Shop, Carousal To Shop and Sweet Experience To Shop these shades are stunning!!!! i really hope they come to the UK. I have sent them a email asking that is how much i am loving the shades, ill keep you all posting if there coming over to Europe.

Honestly this is a better collection than some they have released before and although the fact there is no blush is a bit annoying i personally adore all the colors other than the yellow, that is a bit too dramatic for my liking and that actually pains me to admit.

Which shades are you loving the most?

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Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Decorating.. Finally, I Forgot How Much Work Goes Into It

I've had a fairly busy week with the kid's being off and trying to find the time to film videos ready to edit and set my fiances blog up i literally have had maybe a hour a night before tiredness hits me and usually that is filled with CSI, Bones or some other random forensic science programme... i swear i am obsessed!

So last night and today i decided i would set aside a couple of hours to finally done some decorating in the downstairs hallway. I keep seeing so much when out shopping that i want in the hallway like small little homely items to bring some character to a room we only go in to get to other places... pointless but something we just had to do as females.

So i brought this paint last year sometime, i honestly cannot remember i just brought it when it was on sale and i went a bit DIY mad and it has just stood in my cupboard since then so alas i broke the seal and set to work...

Brushes hates me and kept going streaky, i was covered in paint, cat decided to try and walk through the protective cover on the floor. Ginger cat and light green would not have been a good combo and each time i got on the ladders someone would want to go through to the kitchen and make me come back down them, safe to say i was getting utterly frustrated with the whole ordeal.

Finally i have finished around the door, the wall, back of radiator and around front door. Does not sound much but i had to spend so much time doing coat after coat of paint. Still got loads to do and all i can hear now as i type this is my daughter singing "DO YOU WANT TO BUILD A SNOWMAN" cute yes... although she knows all the words for the talking too so it is like having your own personal narrator upstairs.

So this is how i am getting along, brought mirror down from attic finally... added a few pictures for the moment although i already have ideas for around the wall. I swear i have grown into a full on home maker and have to have everything perfect.

So my question to all of you amazing readers is have you ever had a sudden passion for DIY and what is your favorite color scheme, i tend to be very pastel lately!

So safe to say i have been productive! honest! but for now a few things to say


Thank you to each and every amazing visitor and follower to my page, it means so much when i come on each day to read the amazing comments, i try to answer each one and i also visit ALL of your blogs, i set a hour in the evening with a coffee to come check out your amazing pages!

There is so many posts i am working on and editing photos to be the best they possibly can be featuring loads of cosmetics, beauty products, fashion, bath products and some other bits thrown in as well. 

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