Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Opportunity came knocking

As you know this blog use to be about a wide range of cosmetic brands and companies but since i moved to, i have left this blog just fade into darkness which is a shame to say the least. Do not worry i still have for all your cosmetic news and giveaways but i decided i would change this blog to my business one. :D

Youniquely Beautiful 100%

So what does this mean for the blog? Well last November i began my own business when Younique launched in the UK, At first i wasn't even sure if i was going to sign up as a presenter but after trying the mascara i completely fell in love, so began to research the company, there foundations, where they want to go and also there ingredients for there products. Three months later i was waiting for them to open for the uk sign ups.... and to cut a long story short i became one of the first founding presenters for the united kingdom... i think i was like 338 out of 999 so one of the very first founding presenters :D

Since then i have tried there products, own nearly up of them and have a team of 50 under me who i work with, i absolutely adore the company and the products and cannot wait to share them with everyone here!

Of course you can purchase products through my link or even become a presenter yourself but i wanted my blog to show the products and share them through videos and photos. :D

So that is just a short description of what has changed :D

Still ShimzBeauty but

Signing off as Samantha Calder